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2021-04-26 diary: [Oiyokan] oiyokan-settings.json spec

いがぴょんの日記 日記形式でつづる いがぴょんコラム ウェブページです。

[Oiyokan] oiyokan-settings.json spec

How to set oiyokan-settings.json

oiyokan-settings.json is an important settings file to control Oiyokan.

oiyokan-settings.json location


Abstract of structure

File format


oiyokan-settings.json has 3 main section: container section, database section, entitySet section.

container section

key description
namespace Name of namespace. ex: Oiyokan
containerName Name of container. ex: Container. Oiyokan support one container.

database section

key description
name Name of database setting. ex oiyoUnitTestDb
type Database Type. one of: h2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLSV2008, ORCL18
description Description of this database setting.
jdbcDriver Classname of JDBC driver. ex: org.h2.Driver
jdbcUrl JDBC url to connect. ex: jdbc:h2:mem:mydb;DB_CLOSE_DELAY=-1;
jdbcUser JDBC user name. ex: user1
jdbcPassEnc JDBC password with Encryption. (Recommended)
jdbcPassPlain JDBC password without Encryption. (jdbcPassEnc is recommended)

entitySet section

key description
name Name of EntitySet.
description Description of this EntitySet.
dbSettingName Name of database setting.
canCreate CRUD authz of Create. Default:true.
canRead CRUD authz of Read. true supported only. Default:true.
canUpdate CRUD authz of Update. Default:true.
canDelete CRUD authz of Delete. Default:true.
omitCountAll Ignore $count in the case of NO conditional query. Default:false.
jdbcStmtTimeout Timeout seconds. Default:'30'
entityType List of entityType.

entityType - sub section

key description
name Name of EntityType
dbName Table name on Database
keyName Array of key property name. Entity should have key.
property Array of property.

property - sub sub section

key description
name Name of property
dbName Column name on Database. ex: Types.VARCHAR
edmType Column name on Database. ex: Edm.String
dbType Type name on Database. ex: VARCHAR
jdbcSetMethod (reserved) Hint method name of JDBC API. ex: setString
autoGenKey Set true if this property is auto generated key. Default:false
nullable true:Nullable, false:NOT NULL, null:Unknown. Default:true.
maxLength Length of string field.
lengthFixed Set field fixed. For CHAR type. Default:false.
precision precision of decimal. Default:null.
scale scale of decimal. Default:null.
dbDefault Default value of database. Default:null.
filterTreatNullAsBlank Treat property (String) value null as blank. Default:false.


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